The Price of the State

Keynes v. Hayek Rap Battle:
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Anatomy of the chronic hryvna devaluation


The USD at 18.50 –
if gas went for a market price


The national debt of Ukraine is 000 UAH, or 000 UAH per taxpayer.

How to limit "free" medical services efficiently

Read in our article how different countries solve the dilemma between the growing needs in medical services and limited state financial resources.

Stories from the province, or how Omelnyk village earnerd money

How a village can find money to build new roads and kindergartens? How can it increase its budget? How can the country make rural territories not only a comfortable living place but also attractive for investors? Where to start? It seems like the rural communties, which were the first to unite in the franework of self-governance reform, know the answers to these questions. Read in our new article about their successful experience of decentralization.

Budget Chronicles: 1st quarter, 2016

In the first quarter of 2016 revenues of the consolidated budget increased by 16.5%. The expenditures of the consolidated budget in the first quarter were traditionally low. In the result, the consolidated budget was implemented with the surplus of 3.9 billion UAH. More details on the implementation of the consolidated budget of Ukraine in first quarter of 2016 are included in our traditional report ["Budget Chronicles: 1st quarter, 2016"](

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